Standard Investment Programmes


Our standard programmes offer simple onboarding processes via brokers we have established relationships with, or your choice of broker (subject to minimum initial investment size). You will benefit from returns uncorrelated to traditional investment streams and CTAs, and our standard, pre-determined risk limits. Your portfolio will include all strategies and instruments in our trading universe, continually expanding over time. You can choose from one asset class or create a combined portfolio for additional diversification.

FX Programme

Bespoke Investment Programmes

Our bespoke infrastructure and flexible approach mean that, in addition to our standard programmes, we can offer investment programmes fully tailored to your objectives (restricted to large allocations only due to capacity*).

You select the structure and parameters you want your account to operate within, including:

  • Prime broker

  • Risk, leverage and drawdown limits

  • Instruments and strategies to be traded

  • Factor exposures

  • Correlations to specific return streams or indices

  • Trading exposure (for example, for additional protection you may choose to hold a % of your account in alternative financial instruments such as T-bills)

We create portfolios to fit your exact requirements.

*Our system is not capacity constrained and we are not limited by AUM capacity constraints. However, bespoke programmes require additional work from our infrastructure and onboarding teams and are therefore subject to minimum AUM levels in order to ensure financial viability. Exact AUM limits will depend on your specific requirements - our onboarding team can discuss the various options in detail with you. 

Our System

Your Structure

Your Parameters

Your Bespoke Portfolio

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